On April 2, the Freedom of Speech Day was celebrated for the 8th time in the “Cinema October” hall in Gyumri.

The organizing council of the event, studying more than 25 proposals received from the public, decided to award։

To Tehmine Yenokyan for her courageous work in the field of television documentary and human rights films.

To journalist Ani Gevorgyan for showing principle, resisting police arbitrariness with dignity and consistently defending her journalistic rights․

To the Armenian edition of RFE / RL for its promptness, pluralism and rich information provided to the public in 2015, as well as for the tangible development of television programs.

Artak Gevorgyan for his unique idea and efforts to exercise the right to freedom of expression.

Gevorg Safaryan for his persistence in exercising the right to freedom of expression in the civil struggle.

Photolure news agency for an impressive series of photos created during the popular protest against the electricity tariff in the summer of 2015.

Mher Arshakyan for original publicity.

It should be reminded that Freedom of Speech Day has been traditionally celebrated in Gyumri since 2008, the day when, thanks to a nationwide fundraiser and support, it was possible to protect the local GALA TV from an unprecedented attack by the authorities and save it from losing airtime.

In recent years, about two dozen journalists, public figures and mass media have been awarded and encouraged during the Freedom of Speech Day celebrations.