The guest of “7 Questions” rubric of “Champord” (Traveler) Magazine is visual artist, journalist, one of the best urban photographers in Armenia – Ani Gevorgyan.

– Which value (building, tradition or something else) would you like to “Armenize?”
– Democracy, freedom of speech, and respect towards human rights some day will become an integral part of the reality in Armenia and among our compatriots worldwide.

– If you were the Mayor of Yerevan, what would be your first assignment?
– If I were a Mayor, I would assign to provide territories and halls for galleries of contemporary artworks and photos, and I would “abuse” my position in order to be present in these exhibitions.

– Please mention three steps that would promote repatriation.
– I consider peace as one of most important steps, as well as holding democratic elections and fighting against corruption, because people migrate to live in a country where there is peace, justice, and where they are not being robbed.

– The three brightest figures in the whole Armenian history in your opinion.
– King Pap, Mkhitar Gosh, and Levon Ter-Petrosyan.

– Which page would you edit in the Armenian history?
– The page of 1st of March. The citizens struggling for justice should not have been killed and remained on that page of history.

– When and what has amazed you recently?
– I am constantly amazed by the infinity of human imagination.

– Your recipe for result and victory.
– Criticism, self-criticism, patience.